For Christmas eat less, but healthy!

After a period of fast and diet, at Christmas most of us barge into the goodies and just seem to forget about
For Christmas eat less, but healthy!health and the human body’s well being.
Even if your fridge is filled up for Christmas, and you’re invited at parties with lots of great food and liquor, make sure not to lose your mind and regret afterwards.

It’s also indicated that you not cook very much and very rich, with plenty of sugar and fats for yourself as well as for your family. In this way you’ll avoid bloating, nausea or even emergency hospitalization.
For celebrating Christmas and New Year’s Eve you simply don’t have to force the budget and cook for days. You can still have a great dinner by simply cooking small amounts of each traditional meal and avoid products that have too much fat or that are over-cooked.

But what would Christmas dinner be without stuffed cabbage/grapevine leaf rolls, right?! At least try to have them not too oily and recommended without fat meat, which you can replace with mushrooms and other vegetables. Eating two or three is enough. Try replacing sour cream with low-fat yoghurt and chili for some extra flavor.

Try replacing roast pork with grilled veal or chicken and potatoes with butter with boiled vegetables mixed with mustard and spices. Some people usually eat turkey instead of pork. Try following their example! You don’t have to have pork or sausages on your menu, and if you’re paying somebody a visit, try just tasting a little bit and not damaging your hosts’ menu. Have rye bread or graham instead of white bread. You can buy sponge cakes, but don’t eat more than a slice… during the entire holidays. It’s important to only satisfy your cravings, without abusing. Salad a-la-ruse can be made using diet mayonnaise, and try serving a salad before each main course – it will bring back appetite. Sour vegetable soups, oily dishes and rich sauces aren’t indicated for a stomach that has been fasting for a couple of weeks.

Excess drinking doesn’t bring anything good either. If you begin with some plum brandy, continue with lots of red/white wine and end with champagne, you might get drunk and miss the whole party and on the next day just feel tired and hung-over. Even more, if you’re not used to drinking a lot, combining liquors at Christmas dinner might just bring you in the emergency room in the end.

Nobody tries to be on a diet during the holidays, but this doesn’t mean you can eat huge amounts of food. Less and great is the main rule, and don’t forget to move as much as possible if you want to lose those extra calories.

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